Pipeline Releases

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed footer logo alignment
  • Fixed jagged scrolling on homepage

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed broken links caused by homepage custom section
  • Better vertical spacing for non-white background colors

Version 1.1

  • product home page settings mention four product limit that no longer exists
  • hero was locked in full screen - fixed
  • Responsive Imges in RTE
  • remove columns from homepage
  • Support article.image
  • Support new Shopify standard theme settings
  • Support Apple Wallet gift cards
  • Upgraded theme settings for clarity
  • Homepage 2 recent blog posts
  • Homepage up to six logos of prominent customers/news media/partners/vendors
  • Homepage titles for each section
  • Homepage section background colors
  • Homepage cleaner design for page - split into columns
  • Javascript performance improvements
  • Constrain wide logos on mobile devices
  • Aligned: collection text, product social icons, pagination, footer social links

Version 1.2

  • Theme settings updated to match Shopify best practices
  • Headings use separate font from body font

Version 1.3

This update removes Instagram integration due to API policy changes, and releases small bug fixes.

  • Remove instagram integration
  • Load js if fastclick fails
  • Remove english word - more
  • Fix iOS safari scroll on initial page load issue by updating typekit
  • Add default centering on list template
  • Fix link element closing order for theme credit list item

Version 1.4

  • Replace Instagram integration with new token settings

Version 1.5

  • Add banner controls for image width and height
  • Add parallax option to banner and video section
  • Square crop insatgram photos
  • Add Instagram controls for photo count
  • Add Blog controls for number of posts
  • Move video into its own section with identical functionality to banner and youtube support
  • New arrow style and animation on Banner
  • Add section for optional second page of page content on home page
  • Add option to not open the cart modal when a uses adds an item to the cart
  • Add product thumbnail photos
  • Remove 1px line from below last item on mobile dropdown
  • Update icons to include amazon payments
  • Allow collection sidebar tags to be removed one by one instead of all at once
  • Remove legacy checkout.css file
  • Fix issue where featured product would not show on home page if theme settings did not have a featured page
  • Fix meganav subheading links on iPad

Version 1.6

  • Update Instagram, Google and payment icons
  • More reliable variant-image matching for edge cases
  • Simplify cart link setttings
  • Minor SEO tweaks for Panda and Rankbrain
  • Alow standard nav on collections template
  • Simplify collections list page and footer colors

Version 1.7

  • Apple Pay support
  • Prevent related videos from showing on YouTube videos loaded from Homepage video section

Version 2.0

  • Add support for the new theme editor
  • Convert home page to modular sections
  • Change variant code to new system without option_select.js

Version 2.1

  • Fix bug in new variant system affecting stores with multiple variant dropdowns where the first variant was added to the cart instead of the selected variant

Version 2.2 (December 15 2016)

  • Additional variant fixes
  • Include a home page slideshow
  • Include zoom on the product page
  • Change form selector to basic class selector — allowing language params to be passed into checkout
  • Update icons to contain left right slideshow arrows (so slideshow arrows can inherit color from the text)
  • Center products in collections containing less that one full row of products
  • Add title to the rich text block — allowing it to visually match the other sections

Version V2.3 (February 24 2017)

  • Add a collection grid section for home page
  • Add view all button to the featured collection section on home page
  • Improve schema tags on product and article
  • Remove outdated image size recommendations
  • Indicate sold out items in single variant dropdown
  • Unify aesthetic and animations of featured news section with the new collection grid section
  • Fix z-index on article featured images for mobile
  • Fire variant JS on pageload for more consistent sold-out edge case handling
  • Fix color name typo in dropdown icon SVG
  • Remove return false in Pipeline.smoothScroll JS to allow additional events on anchor tag clicks
  • Show digital orders in account and hide quantity on membership products
  • Add wrapper to collection template text without image for better mobile text display

Version V2.4 (April 17 2017)

  • Escape all text settings
  • Add block.shopify attributes to blocks missing them
  • Add product video functionality via image alt text
  • Allow product description split with [split]
  • Add side-by-side section (image and text)
  • Add logo section
  • Add columns section
  • Add filter toggle to collection mobile view
  • Better alignment on first dropdown in the main menu
  • Top bar mobile improvements

Version V2.4.1 (July 11 2017)

  • Add Shopify Pay logo
  • Fix name conflict on matchHeight function
  • Add vertical padding between columns on mobile version of columns section
  • Decrease banner button size on mobile
  • Hide slides while slideshow is loading
  • Remove outline on hero scroll arrow

Version V3.0 (August 2 2017)

  • Corknine Themes is now Groupthought
  • Change numeric dropdowns to sliders
  • Product section now has blocks for configuring tabs
  • Default home page has a better demonstration of the available sections
  • Mobile chrome experience is updated to prevent jagged scroll while chrome hides the URL bar
  • Product page now has the option to add a sizing chart popup
  • Collection template now has the option to add sale, new and sold out stickers to the grid of images
  • The general social settings now has an option to add a default sharing image for the homepage
  • Update the product variant dropdown to use the new has_only_defaults variable instead of the “default” string check
  • Always show the image above the text on mobile version of “Image and text” section, regardless of their order in the desktop view
  • Allow the product image zoom to show an image that takes the full width of the page