Shopify Demo Store Marketing Feature

Groupthough is an independent company selling website templates for Shopify.

Better photography with real brands creates an aspirational showcase for the template. It also puts your brand on a high-traffic website where potential customers can click through to your actual website where they can buy your products.

Showcase of Shopify templates are found here at:

Product pages will describe your brand and link directly to your store.
Here is an example.

Demo stores are visited by roughly 1500 customers per month. Those visitors are high-income business owners. They typically spend a long time on the site. While they are evaluating the template, they will see your brand as aspirational. Demo stores are a powerful form of free advertising, and can lead to additional placements in Shopify promotional materials.

Some Frequently asked Questions
What other brands have done this?

Here's a short list:

You can see the rest at

Why did you pick me?

Because your photography is excellent. I only showcase brands with top-tier art direction and unique photography.

What happens if I say YES?

I have no requirements from you or your staff. I can get everything I need from your website and I'll do all the work. When the demo store is ready I will send you a link. For the next few years you'll enjoy a small boost to traffic and sales.

What happens if I say NO or don’t respond?

Nothing, I just move on to my next pick. You'll miss a minor free marketing opportunity.

Can I see the store and request changes before you launch it?

Yes, absolutely. I will send you a link before I launch the demo.

If there is any more information we can provide please let us know. Thank you.