Pipeline Proof of Purchase

Pipeline is sold exclusively on the Shopify Theme Store. If the theme was purchased from anywhere else other than the Shopify Theme Store then this is a violation of Shopify's Terms of Service, and your theme is considered stolen goods. The only way to obtain a license for Pipeline is from the Shopify Theme Store. A theme purchase is valid on a single store only.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for full details.

Please submit your theme purchase details to ensure your store is not flagged for legal action:

Frequently Asked Questions

Two reasons. First, we’ve been waiting patiently for Shopify to solve this problem on their end and they have not, so we’re starting to do it ourselves. Secondly, we’re a small company with limited resources. Chasing down payments takes a good deal of time and effort and until now we haven’t been able to prioritize this.

No, it is not valid. Shopify stipulates that every theme sold in the Shopify Theme Store can only be sold via the Shopify Theme Store. We, the theme creators, are not allowed to sell our themes anywhere except the Shopify Theme Store. This Shopify page here explains and verifies this policy. If a theme that exists in the Theme Store is being sold in another marketplace, then it has been stolen and is being sold illegally, and using it is a violation of Shopify's Terms of Service.

You can inform the agency that built your website of this policy and ask them to make the purchase. If they do not, you will need to purchase the theme yourself, or remove the theme from your store completely. If you believe the agency has stolen our theme please report them to us via this Unlicensed theme distribution form

All web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) have built in functionality to allow anyone to view the source code of any website on the internet. Our themes contain various code snippets and patterns that we can recognize when viewing this source code.

Here are some links to Shopify sources which verify the claims we’re making:

We will also be sending legal notices to those people stealing, and reselling our themes illegally. Here’s a form where you can report these people directly to us

You will have access to our dedicated support team, and will be able to update your theme to the latest version (for free) through the Shopify Theme Store. 

No, you are free to continue using whatever version of the theme you currently have installed. The important aspect is that the theme purchase will assign a valid license to your store.

Thank you for purchasing a license to Pipeline, you now qualify for free updates and theme support. Please fill out this Proof of Purchase Form to help us update our records.

This can happen if you purchase the theme after the deadline (5 business days) stated in the original email we sent you. At this point the matter is out of our hands and is being handled solely by Shopify. You will need to follow the instructions in the DMCA email you receive from Shopify to ensure your site is not taken down.

If you have not gotten an email from Shopify check your junk mail folder.

If you cannot find any communications email from Shopify then you will need to reach out to legal@shopify.com to have your site reinstated.

Once a DMCA notification is sent, Shopify legal will send you an email stating that you have 24 hours to resolve the issue (ie. purchase the theme). You will need to respond directly to the Shopify email notifying them of your theme purchase. If you don't see any email from Shopify be sure to check your junk email folder.

Please keep in mind that after the DMCA notice has been sent, only Shopify is able to bring your store back online, so make sure to respond to the email promptly.

GroupThought will never share any of the information you provide publicly. We use the form details to protect your store from anti-piracy countermeasures such as DMCA takedown notices.