Rebranding from Corknine to Groupthought

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Corknine themes has a whole new style!

I have seen the themes division of Corknine grow a lot in the last year and we decided a few months ago that it was times to split the Corknine brand into Corknine Apps and Groupthought themes.  

This comes as part of a general realignment of the themes we build. Building themes has always been about empowering people who don't design websites and write code.  I wanted to take that to the next level and allow our customers to participate in the process of designing and building themes.  

For the last year I've been testing the success of features that I think are the most important additions against features that I don't partcularly like but get requested by customers.  Well, the customer was always right.  

We are taking that as a principle for the design of our next products.  You can call it customer driven development.  You can call it lean product development.  We call it groupthought.  We chose the name because of the obvious play on groupthink.  We love the name because it plays on stodgy assumptions that designers know better than the group of customers they serve.  That crowds don't have wisdom. 

To be fair - this is an experiment.  We don't know if building the features you want will result in the best possible themes but we want to find out.  We're giving you control of the ship and we can't wait to see where you steer us.